Voice recording
without hissing noise
High-quality voice recording app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Speecap automatically detects and eliminates background hissing noise while recording. No need of expensive professional microphone. Easily make clean speech recordings with any cheap microphone.

Demo recorded with
iPhone built-in microphone
Demo recorded with
$3 wired headset
Demo recorded with
$2 conference microphone
No pro microphone required

Speecap was specially designed to record speech with your conference, device built-in or any other cheap microphone.

No configuration required

You don’t need to create noise profile or adjust noise-gate filter. Speecap automatically does all this stuff for you. Just tap to start recording and tap «Done» to stop it. Easy.

No post-processing required

You don’t need to do noise cancelation while composing your voice records into podcast. Speecap does all required noise cancelations for you while recording.

Start making great voice recordings with Speecap
The recording quality is not good enough. What’s the problem?

The common tips about quality are:

What file format does Speecap use for the recording?

Speecap uses standard uncompressed LPCM format. The audio data stored in WAV files with 44100Hz/16bit/mono quality. Speecap supports BWF and RF64 specifications.

How much can I record using Speecap?

The record time depends on your device storage in the following way: 8 GB device may contain about 10 hours, 16 GB - 40 hours, 32 GB - 90 hours, 64 GB - 200 hours, 128 GB - 400 hours, 256 GB - 800 hours. Speecap has no limits per recording.

Incoming calls and notifications sometimes interrupt recordings. How to make recordings without the interruptions?

To completely silence your iOS device you need to do the following:

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